[Newbies] Morph speeds up stepping when grabbed

kropki kropki at gmail.com
Fri Dec 7 21:01:35 UTC 2007

> By the way, it isn't the step method that gets called a lot
> while dragging, it is the drawOn: method. So, it seems the
> stepping method is doing it's thing, but you only get to see it
> if you redraw more often

I wouldn't say that. One of my morphs gets moved by 1px every time the
step is called. Then there's a self changed call at the end of the
step. If I would be missing andy redraws, I would see the morph
jumping by few pixels at a time. Instead I see it move pixel by pixel,
just very slow.

> I missed that it was set to 1 before. I don't think the
> scheduler can really honor step times less than 30 or so. I
> believe it tries, but there is usually too much other stuff to
> do.

Actually I just got back to a quite old backup image of the game, and
it works quite fast with pretty the same things happening in the step
method. The most important thing is that there is no speed difference
whether I have the morph grabbed or not, which is so annoying in the
recent version.

Plus I can set stepTime to 10 and see it goes about 3 times faster
than when I set it to 30, so that's not an issue in this version.

I'l try to analyse the differences between the images...
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