[Newbies] FillInTheBlankMorph

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 10 22:31:00 UTC 2007

Hi Squeakers, 

I have a question about passwords and authentication.

In Seaside, if you want to change a password, then you can type:

WADispatcherEditor initialize

And this will call up a little mystery window. I realized I could just ask
the little window what its name was by Command+clicking it, and then
pressing the Viewer button.

My question is how did WADispatcherEditor summon the FillInTheBlankMorph?
FillInTheBlankMorph has no senders, apparently.

It seems clear this morph is used to initialize instance variables. In this
case recording username and password.

The second part of this question is, where in the image is this knowledge
being stored? 

If I make my username: uncle and my password: bob, does it not stand to
reason that if I write 'uncle' in the Workspace and then Command+Shift+E,
then shouldn't that string appear in a class side method somewhere? It
doesn't seem to be stored anywhere I can find.


Down, DogMorph! Down!

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