[Newbies] FillInTheBlankMorph

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue Dec 11 04:27:11 UTC 2007

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Cunnington <cunnington at sympatico.ca> writes:

Chris> Pretty cool. Pretty cool. I see that the the Seaside-Platform class
Chris> category is for relating Seaside to the underlying Smalltalk OS, which
Chris> in this case is Squeak. FillInTheBlankMorph, when called openInWorld,
Chris> is a whole lot of nothing. Just a blank pallet. I guess something is
Chris> adding the text field and the buttons.

Try print-it on:

  FillInTheBlank request: 'Do you like Smalltalk?' initialAnswer: 'yes!'

Chris> You see, I thought that storing data in the image meant that the image
Chris> would WRITE IT OUT in a class method somewhere. I thought it would
Chris> produce a string that I could find with Command+Shift+E.  Frankly, I
Chris> think I'm only starting to grok what an instance, object, and class
Chris> are. Oh, and I used to think morphs were stupid and waste of my time.
Chris> Oops.

The image contains all of object memory (plus a few headers).  Object memory
contains all the objects.  Only *some* of those objects are Classes and
Metaclasses, with their associated MethodDictionaries, and that's where you'd
see the related source code.  Other objects are *instances* of Classes (what
you get from "new" and other constructors), and they're just "floating about"
in object memory, although they are saved and restored in the image.

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