[Newbies] Fonts with non-standard sizes?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Dec 13 02:22:13 UTC 2007


  What version of Squeak are you using?

> I know I can choose my own size using StrikeFont class>>fromUser, but
> what's the best way to do this in my code, non-interactively?

  This is a good starting point. StrikeFont class>fromUser calls: 
StrikeFont class>fromUser:allowKeyboard:, and down in the method, you
find lines like:

  ptMenu add: 'new size'
      target ... #addNewFontSizeDialog: ...

This suggests that for the 'new size' menu item, a message whose
selector is addNewFontSizeDialog: is sent to an object.  And if you
look at the implementors of the method, it is TextStyle.

  So, if you evaluate:

  (TextStyle named: 'BitstreamVeraSans') addNewFontSize: 120.

you can add the new size.

> Oh, and should I prefer TTCFont or StrikeFont, or does it not
> matter?

  StrikeFont is pixel font and not good for making new size
programatically.  Your safe bet is on TTCFont.

> And what should I use for the font family, for maximum portability?
> Can I assume BitstreamVeraSans is always available?  What's better
> than assuming that?

  Nobody would lobby to remove it but you could do:

	TTFontDescription default name

to figure out the "default TrueType font" in the current system.

-- Yoshiki

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