[Newbies] Request for Review

pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de pascal.vollmer at nexgo.de
Thu Dec 20 00:16:07 UTC 2007


I just uploaded a new version of a SqueakSource project named "Analog Clock tutorial". Since I am rather new to Squeak and since this is meant to be used later on in a programming course in school I'd like to ask if someone could have a look at it.

1. AnalogClock is much like the WatchMorph. The only difference being that AnalogClock is composed of submorphs whereas WatchMorph draws its components itself. The main challenge for me was to get the submorphs adapt to changed position or size of their owner. I can see that my solution works but I feel it is rather ugly.
2. AnalogClock is also able to view upcoming events which stem from an ical-calendar. Toggle this feature in the halo-menu and/or run the tests in order to see.

You will need the package 'ical' to run AnalogClock. Find detailed information in the AnalogClock-class.


Pascal Vollmer
Email: pascal.vollmer at ieee.org

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