[Newbies] FFI, ODBC

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Thu Dec 20 19:28:39 UTC 2007


"Miron Brezuleanu" <mbrezu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to install the ODBC driver for Squeak and I run into the
> following issues:
> 1) when using squeak vm 3.10 (with Ramon Leon's image or the 3.9
> image) the FFI is installed without errors from SqueakMap, but when
> trying to install the ODBC package the image freezes (apparently while
> downloading).
> 2) with squeak 3.9 the FFI install fails with a SHA1 error:
> -------------
> Download from original url
> (http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/cf58c358-46ee-465e-b6db-2740e9b32a53/files/InstallFFI.st)
> failed with this exception: Incorrect SHA checksum of file from
> orginal URL
> Trying server cache instead.
> Download from server cache of FFI 1-3.9 failed with this exception:
> Incorrect SHA checksum of file from server
> ------------

I just fired up a 3.9 final image and installed FFI. AFAICT there is no
current release referring to a file called InstallFFI.st - it is called

The SHA checksum mechanism can sometimes end up acting "wrong". The
download may be fine, and the checksum may be wrong.

> 3) squeak vm 3.10 with image 3.10.gamma.7159 also gives the sha1 error
> when installing FFI.

Hmmm. Make sure your map is updated btw - if it is not then that would
explain this I guess.

> Also, the 7159 image doesn't have the sources file and the image
> complains about it when starting. Do I really need the sources file
> (the class browser seem to be able to display method sources) and if
> yes, where do I find them?

You need it. For 3.9: http://ftp.squeak.org/3.9/SqueakV39.sources.gz

regards, Göran

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