[Newbies] Squeak for the Asus eee

Offray Vladimir Luna Cardenas offray.luna at javeriana.edu.co
Sun Dec 30 14:28:36 UTC 2007


You can try with the Seaside one click experience, is the best way to 
get Squeak images running without worrying about dependencies or 
platforms or packages systems.

  * Go here


  and download the "Seaside One-Click Experience"  experience.

  * Uncompress it in any place you want, say "/home/Shared/Programs/"

  * Execute "Seaside.sh" inside the "Seaside-2.8-530.app/" folder. You 
will see a Squeak Seaside Image running and ready to use.

But may be you don't want to run this image only. Let's say that you're 
trying to run Etoys image. In that case you:

  * Download the image and change file for Etoys, lets say that you have 
downloaded the  etoys.image and etoys.changes files.

  * Copy the image and changes files to to the 
"Seaside-2.8-530.app/Contents/Resources/" folder.

  * Copy and rename the "Seaside.sh" as "etoys.sh".

  * Edit "etoys.sh", which at this moment is equal to Seaside.sh and 
make  changes, so it looks this way:

APP=`dirname $0`

exec "$EXE/squeak" -plugins "$EXE" \
         -encoding latin1 \
         -vm-display-X11 -swapbtn  \

  Notice the "$RES/etoys.image" last line.

At that is. If you want any other image for any other Squeak related 
project, like Scratch or Opencroquet the procedure is the same, and you 
could get similar results for Windows changing the Squeak.ini file.

We have detailed Spanish instructions about installing Squeak in 
different ways, including this one on:


Hope that helps and by the way, what a nice machine to play with that 
Asus Eeepc.



mike.vidal at gmail.com escribió:
> Does anyone know where there is a version of Squeak that will install
> on the Asus eee?  I tried the debian and generic linux version and
> they dont install/work.  The debian version wong apt-install.  It
> complains about missing binfmt-support dependency.  The linux version
> segfaults.
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