[Newbies] Low space

an organic seasidebeginner at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 23:43:22 UTC 2007


i have one big problem. I get Space is low again and again. I dont know what
happend and how restore my seaside image. Imagage has 550MB now.
Can anybody help to do this:
1) search where is problem - look on proceses and kill some bad proces...
2) find what take 500MB :) and how to clear it
i need fix it -  i do lot of work today i dont want lost all work ;(

I am quite new in squeak but i must say this IDE is really bad. When i make
infinte cycle i lost my work. I have developer image from seaside.st but
this is as going back for 10-15 years in DOS or too  old x-servers :(
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