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Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 05:12:46 UTC 2007

On Dec 31, 2007 12:43 PM, an organic <seasidebeginner at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> i have one big problem. I get Space is low again and again. I dont know
> what happend and how restore my seaside image. Imagage has 550MB now.
> Can anybody help to do this:
> 1) search where is problem - look on proceses and kill some bad proces...
> 2) find what take 500MB :) and how to clear it
> i need fix it -  i do lot of work today i dont want lost all work ;(

You usually don't lose your work if you are careful. Your changes are in
squeak.changes. To recover work:

First, make a backup of everything!
Copy a new image file over.
Go to desktop->changes...->recently logged changes.

>From there, you can view the source code changes you made and recover any
ones that you made since you last checked your code into a code repository
using Monticello (which you did, right?).

In terms of recovering your image, using the Process browser to locate your
errand processes and terminate them. I don't know how to investigate heap
usage to find a memory leak though; I usually just use intuition. Maybe
somebody else has a better answer?

> I am quite new in squeak but i must say this IDE is really bad. When i
> make infinte cycle i lost my work. I have developer image from seaside.stbut this is as going back for 10-15 years in DOS or too  old x-servers :(

I'd have to agree that the IDE is really bad, but the environment as a whole
lets me do much more than any other IDE I've ever seen. Squeak remains an
amazing tool with a bad UI. Feel free to help us improve it!

Save your work often and keep backups of your squeak.image and
squeak.changes files!

To terminate an infinite loop, press alt-. If you used "fork" in your loop
then bad luck :-).

In terms of age, you're going further back than DOS and old X-Servers!
Smalltalk has been around since 1978.

If you need more help, join the #squeak IRC channel on irc.openprojects.net.


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