[Newbies] How to install packages? Scamper chicken and egg problem

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Dec 31 17:24:41 UTC 2007


Nice to hear that you succeed now wit your installation. For more (and 
about working on Mac) I strongly suggest you to look in on-line book 
Squeak by example: http://www.squeakbyexample.org/. Very interesting 
read in any case!


John Koger wrote:
> Thanks, Janko!!!
> Alas, this does not work on my Mac. Right-clicking on the desired
> version (or anywhere on the SqueakMap Package Browser) brings up the
> "halo" of things I can change / do to the SPB window (menu icon,
> collapse icon, viewer icon, etc.). No popup.
> BUT! AHA! Your tip just needs to be translated into Mac-speak!
> A bit of flailing around with key-chord / mouseclick combos reveals...
> I need to press Alt (or Option) and left-click on the version number
> to get the popup menu!!!! Ta-da!!! It installs!!!
> And--I just noticed this--there is a tiny square in the upper-right
> corner of the package list window. Clicking on this tiny square also
> brings up the popup menu.
> (Wow, I gotta say, to be painfully honest, that step is completely
> non-obvious on a Mac! I'll see if I can figure out who developed the
> SPB and leave a note about the popup menu. Something that is so
> important shouldn't be that hard to find. The square needs to be a lot
> bigger, and the action to bring up the menu needs to be something more
> intuitive than Alt-leftclick. Maybe there could be a button that
> appears in the description window, or left-clicking on the URL in the
> descriptiion window will bring up the popup menu?)
> Anyway, back to the Scamper install. Well, it did install, almost.
> Now I get a pop-up error window after the install chugs along for a
> few seconds: "Error occurred during install: UndefinedObject>>flush.
> Would you like to open a debugger?" I click "No". I am a newbie and
> not yet debugger-compatible. Afterwards, I still get the same "parse"
> error when I try to find the Scamper object. But maybe that is a
> incompatibility between the current versions of the VM, Image, and
> Scamper? I'll try installing a few other packages and see how far I
> get.
> OK, I tried to install the big "Balloon 3D" package, and it installed
> just fine, and I can find a "B3DMorph" object and play with it without
> errors, so I am thinking that the Scamper "parse" and "flush" errors
> must be unique to Scamper.
> Thanks again for the help!!!
> On Dec 31, 2007 7:44 AM, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> The fastes and and always workable steps to install Squeak packages are:
>> 1. left click on Squeak desktop to get a popu menu and choose Open...
>> 2. Choose SqueakMap Package Browser
>> 3. Say Yes to "The map on this is more than 10 days old.", if this arise
>> 4. Choose you package and click on arow to get its versions
>> 5. Choose a version and right click to get popup
>> 6. Choose Install
>> So, from your description you missed the 5th and 6th step. I hope this
>> will now help you install without problems.
>> Janko
>> John Koger wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I'm very new to Squeak, so this is probably just the result of me
>>> doing something dumb. I'm having a hard time installing any packages.
>>> Here's what I've done:
>>> 1. Downloaded and installed Squeak3.9-7067mac vm 3.8.18beta1U
>>> 2. Double-clicked on "Squeak3.9-final-7067.image" file. The Squeak VM
>>> started up just fine.
>>> 3. From the "Welcome to Squeak - an open Smalltalk system" window,
>>> clicked on "SMLoader open" to run the SqueakMap Package Loader.
>>> 4. Selected a package, any package.  Let's say "15-Puzzle (->1.1)",
>>> the first one in the list.
>>> 5. Clicked on the expansion arrow for "15-Puzzle (->1.1).
>>> 6. Clicked on the "1.1" subheading.
>>> 7. Clicked on the "Download:" link in the right-hand (description) window pane.
>>> 8. A pop-up window appeared: "Open a browser to view this URL?" Clicked "Yes".
>>> 9. A pop-up warning appeared: "There are no WebBrowser applications
>>> registered." Clicked "OK".
>>> 10. A pop-up window appeared: "Couldn't find a web browser. View page
>>> as source?" Clicked "Cancel".
>>> Hmmmm. OK, well, it is a bit surprising that the web browser isn't
>>> included in the base image, but never mind, I'll just install it
>>> first. I remember seeing somewhere that the browser is called
>>> "Scamper".
>>> 11. Scrolled down in SMLoader to "Scamper (->12)", clicked on
>>> expansion arrowhead, clicked on "12" subheading.
>>> 12. Copied "http://www.squeaksource.com/Scamper/Scamper-kfr.12.mcz"
>>> into my Firefox browser and download the file. (Did the "copy" by
>>> hand; could select the text of the filename, but couldn't Copy it.)
>>> 13. Put the "Scamper-kfr.12.mcz" file in the "Squeak3.9-7067mac vm
>>> 3.8.18beta1U" directory.
>>> 14. Flailed around, trying to figure out how to get Squeak to open the
>>> file. Eventually just drag-and-dropped the file onto the Squeak
>>> window.
>>> 15. A pop-up window appeared: "open in zip viewer / extract all to ...
>>> / load". Select "load" (it sounded like what I wanted).
>>> 16. A pop-up window appeared: "loading snapshot/source.st".
>>> Now we're getting somewhere! Or are we? Where is the browser? OK, it's
>>> loaded but not instantiated or something. I need to select it from one
>>> of Squeak's many browsers. Objects, maybe?
>>> 17. Clicked on the "objects" flap.
>>> 18. Clicked on "alphabetic".
>>> 19. Clicked on "s".
>>> 20. A window came up: "MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>parse:".
>>> First line in window is "UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:
>>> #parse.
>>> Um, that's not good. OK, I give. How do I install Scamper? Or any
>>> package, for that matter?
>>> TIA,
>>> John Koger
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