[Newbies] Loading SSL

Jens Pall jens at axonspace.com
Wed Feb 7 18:42:43 UTC 2007

cdrick wrote:
>> I've been trying to load the Cryptography group's SSL implementation
>> into my image but can't seem to figure it out how. The posts I have
>> found about this (from Ron) talk about loading
>> Cryptography-Configuration.mcm and then Crypt-Xtra-Config.mcm from
>> www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography (I think) but I don't see those files
>> there. I connected Monticello to the repository but nothing there either.
> on monticello, did you add the cripto repositiry ?
> MCHttpRepository
>     location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/Cryptography'
>     user: 'squeak'
>     password: 'squeak'
> I see there is a configuration subdirectory... not sure about where to
> find Crypt-Xtra-Config.mcz
> If you still have problem, Ron probably answer you...(ron at USMedRec.com)

Yes, I added the Cryptography repository and can see all the 
Cryptography categories but I'm not sure what I need to load and do in 
order to get SSL up and running. I don't see anything called 
Cryptography-Configuration.mcm, just .mcz files.

Where do you see a configuration directory? In Monticello I just see 
Cryptography-<algorithm/Tests/Protocol> (18 of them), Fortuna and OpenPGP.


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