[Newbies] Monticello ad distribution

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Wed Feb 14 11:57:23 UTC 2007

> > I would like to put it on the official (lukas') repo. But I'm 
> > not sure how to do it. Packages have information about the 
> > package version they are based on. But the version numbers in 
> > MagritteGlorp aren't present in the official repository. What 
> > would be the result of putting my changed version on the 
> > official repo?
> > 

> If you look, you'll notice there are no changes in the version in the
> MagritteGlorp repository.  It's there because I use dependencies and often
> put debugging code into Magritte while I'm testing, though I never commit it
> like that.  What happens is that my local version gets marked as changed,
> and then stamped with a version when committed.
I can see in MagritteGlorp there are two Magritte-Model revisions.
Newest is rjl.236 which depends on rjl.235 which depends on rjl.234.
But rjl.234 isn't in this repository. So at first sight I don't
have a chance to see from which official version number the first 
rjl version has been forked off. And both could be developed in 
parallel for a longer time keeping the version number similar. 

> The thing to do is simply merge in the code from the official Magritte
> repository.  Get used to doing merges, that's how development is done in
> Monticello.
Yes if you merge per default it doesn't really depend which version 
history the packages have. They are just different. But I still think
any kind of track information could be helpful. 

> Once you merge in the latest code, and test your own changes, you can commit
> to the official repository so your changes can be reviewed.  If people like
> your changes, they'll merge them into the main line.  With Magritte... the
> main line is whatever line Lukas is working on.

Ok, sounds reasonable. I put a fresh note on my todo list about this.
I 'll have a closer look at monotone (http://www.venge.net/monotone/ ).
I like the way the handle patches.  


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