[Newbies] Spaghetti code

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Mon Feb 19 00:05:46 UTC 2007

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 11:51:55 -0800, Todd Blanchard <tblanchard at mac.com>  

> You're building an expert system.  There are well known patterns/ 
> algorithms/architectures for that.

Thanks for the tips. I've saved them for later digestion. I've fallen  
behind on expert system technology apparently.<s>

However, the point isn't really to build an expert system. I've been  
teaching my son with Squeak for a while, and it was only the combination  
of PopUpMenu and the aforementioned chart that ignited his interest. He  
saw something he could imitate and extend/expand. So the fact that it's a  
sort-of expert system is incidental.

Where we're actually going, at least from all the signs, is an adventure  
game. And he's expressed an interest in doing a roguelike. (I'd kill for a  
smalltalk text interface right about now....)

Intriguingly, he doesn't really relate to eToys, and while we've used  
Stephane's Bots book to great effect, he's actually much more comfortable  
coding in the full Squeak. Strange.


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