[Newbies] where to "put" a unification algorithm...

Roel Wuyts Roel.Wuyts at ulb.ac.be
Fri Feb 16 13:58:32 UTC 2007

> I understand. If I did choose the second option (make my own classes -
> CWNumber, CWString, CSList etc), would I then have to use a tool like
> SmaCC to construct instances. The advantage of extending the existing
> classes ("extending the language") seems to me that no parsing /
> compiling is required to make
> 5 unifiesWith: 5 in: emptyEnv
> work.

Indeed, because you now have Smalltalk extended with unification.
With the other option you would need to do something like:

5 asTerm unifiesWth: 5 asTerm in: emptyEnv

which is more cumbersome.

You can have a look at http://prog.vub.ac.be/SOUL/index.html for more  
info on what we did. To really know more about the integration you  
can have a look at this paper:
Gybe06aSymbioticReflectionESUGJournal.pdf or in my phd. Happy  
reading :-)

> I would be very interested in your work on this subject.
> Thanks again for the help.
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> A/Prof Chris Wright FJFICM FRACP MBBS
> Medical Director, ICU
> Monash Medical Centre
> Clayton, VIC
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