[Newbies] Squeak suitable for teaching 3D animation game programming at college level?

Gustavo Barrancos gbarrancos at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 01:49:08 UTC 2007

That sounds nice!  Thinking in Games when learning the OO Paradigm helped me
alot to dig all the concepts easily. While learning, i could think in game
entities and different controllers dispatching messages to each other during
the game flow.

In my opinion, Squeak and the Smalltalk language have a nice potential for
game development, but there aren't much stuff  around for handling real time
3D graphics (kinda Ogre3D or MonkeyEngine) in Squeak. People working on
Croquet(A Collaborative 3D environment) are doing interesting stuff using
Squeak and OpenGL, maybe it's worth to check how the 3D renderer works
there, it can give you an insight about how to deal with 3D graphics in

This blogger (http://learningtotalk.blogspot.com/) has been doing
experiences with game development using a commercial smalltalk
implementation. He came up with good design questions while working on the
advantages of smalltalk and how could it be helpful in game development.



On 2/22/07, Il-Hyung Cho <icho at svsu.edu> wrote:
>  Well, the subject says all.
> The purpose of the course is to learn object oriented
> analysis/design/development methodology, but students can pick their own
> application to develop. I think developing 3D game would fit well into the
> course. IMO, game programming fits very well to OO concepts. All the
> entities envolved in the game are implemented as objects and all of them
> have their own behavior. The overall development process should fit into
> I came across a book titled "Object-Oriented Game Development" by Julian
> Gold. I guess I can use C++ or Java, but I wonder about Squeak.
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> Il-Hyung Cho
> Ph.D. Computer Science
> Saginaw Valley State Univ
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