[Newbies] Re: URGENT: Google Summer of Code 2007 - Help needed

Yann Monclair yann at monclair.info
Sat Feb 24 00:21:50 UTC 2007

Hi Giovanni,

IIRC last year we tried to apply to Google's Summer of Code. I think Stephane
Ducasse was involved too. We weren't accepted either as ESUG or  SqF, 
not being
I think that was one of the reasons to push forward SummerTalk.

I think Google SoC is a great initiative, but unfortunately, I don't think
Google will accept Smalltalk projects this year again... I would love to be
proven wrong!

What I would rather propose, is to build up a great SummerTalk, making great
stuff with motivated students and mentors :) I was part of the first batch of
SummerTalkers in 2006, and I really enjoyed the experience. My mentor was one
of my teachers in University, Bernard Pottier, who is a long time Smalltalker.

If we build up to a good SummerTalk event each year, then we will stand more
chances to enter google SoC, or maybe we will not even want to get in :)

I would rather encourage people to offer projects and mentorship (and 
if you want to), to ESUG's SummerTalk :)

my 2 pence,


Quoting Giovanni Corriga <giovanni at corriga.net>:

> Hi all
> Google has recently announced the third edition of its Summer of Code
> program.
> In this program Google provides funding to students to work on open
> source projects.
> I think Squeak could benefit, both technically and in advertisements,
> from partecipating in such a program.
> Unfortunately, the deadlines are pretty tight:
> - March 12th for Squeak to apply as a mentoring organization
> - March 24th for students to apply as developers for the program.
> I'm trying to have Squeak apply to the program. So if anyone would like
> to partecipate to this effort, either as a mentor, or as student
> developer, or just to provide ideas and suggestions, please contact me
> ASAP at my personal email.
> 	Ciao,
> 		Giovanni

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