[Newbies] Re: [SqueakDevDemo]

Serge Stinckwich Serge.Stinckwich at info.unicaen.fr
Fri Jul 6 07:52:26 UTC 2007

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas a écrit :
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for sharing this link and thanks to Stephan for this superb 
> tutorial!!!. At this moment I'm trying to use OLPC image for 
> development, but this documentation is really impressive and needed. 
> Have you considered. Stephan, have you considered an open content 
> license instead of all rights reserved, for making translations and 
> other derived works?

We are also interessed in the french community to make a translation on 
our Wiki : http://community.ofset.org/wiki/Squeak

-- Serge Stinckwich

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