[Newbies] Failure while opening in another OS

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Jul 10 16:11:18 UTC 2007

On Jul 10, 2007, at 18:06 , Fabio Oliveira wrote:

> Hi Bert!
> The answers are bellow.
>> Did you use the same image version at home to create the project
>> file? This one appears to be Squeak3.9.
> Yes, it is the same image, I only did a copy of the image file and
> chageset from the Linux box to the Windows, without changes.

That might be your problem - you always need to coy the image and  
changes file together.

>> Also, what does your project contain? Project files are part of the
>> Etoys environment which might not work too well with the Smalltalk
>> development tools (they should, but this might have not been tested
>> during 3.9 development).
> It´s the last squeak-dev image created by Damien Cassou, with my
> project classes.
>> Anyway, you certainly have discovered some sort of bug. The log
>> suggest this has something to do with the sources or changes file -
>> does that ring a bell with you?
> Errr... no! how I said, I only did a copy, without changing anything.
> I tried to run with different VMs in the Windows machine, but with the
> same result. I don´t know if matters, but the Windows machine and the
> Linux run with different display resolutions, and I maybe this is the
> reason why the mouse stop to work. What you think? Ok, it´s a newbie
> guess, anyway...
> If it is a bug, how can we report it?

The bug in this case would be that there should be a better error  
message explaining what happened. Or maybe it's  a bug in OB. Anyway,  
bugs are reported here:


- Bert -

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