[Newbies] Plugins ,FFI

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Thu Jul 12 13:53:18 UTC 2007

Hello Thushar,

TGR> Could any one please tell me where i should look for
TGR> documents regarding Plugins and FFI.

Ron already pointed you to the swiki, there you can search for
Namely   http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/3336 is Andrew Greenberg's

A lot of useful information especially the appendix on Slang is on:

Be careful, this is pre VMMAKER times and you definitely should get
everything on VMMaker.

I suggest before building a plugin you get warmed up by building a VM!

TGR> Also i need to get information about platform sources tree for VMMaker.

Which OS are you on?

On SqueakDev you can see me struggle with building a plugin for
Windows. If you are on Windows too we should share experiences.

If you are on Windows, you need:
which  contains the source tree, and
which contains the tools.

If you extract the source you will find compiling.html under
..\platforms\win32\docs  which gives an overview over the process to
build the VM.


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