[Newbies] Laser game tutorial again

gruntfuttuck gruntfuttuck at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 14:15:07 UTC 2007

Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for your help. I have now fixed the problem. I had forgotten to add
the accessors method. Do you find often when you find a solution to a 
problem, that you are amazed you didn't see it sooner? I always find my self
thinking how did I not see that.

Thanks again.

Benjamin Schroeder-2 wrote:
> On Jul 21, 2007, at 8:25 AM, gruntfuttuck wrote:
>> I'm getting three errors with the Test Runner. It would seem that a
>> BlankCell object doesn't  understand the message exitSides:
>> Or do I actually. It looks like it should be:
>> initializeExitSides
>> 	self exitSides := Dictionary new.
>> not
>> initializeExitSides
>> 	self exitSides: Dictionary new.
>> Is this another way to do assignment? Anyway it's not working and  
>> that's how
>> the tutorial says to do it.
>> I'm really curious to what the problem is. Can anyone enlighten me?
> The exitSides: message looks like an accessor, a method for setting  
> the value of an instance variable. That method would be implemented  
> much like the assignment you give above:
> 	exitSides: aDictionary
> 		exitSides := aDictionary
> The preceding "self" isn't used when referring to the name of an  
> instance variable.
> Accessors let other objects set the values of variables directly, and  
> are sometimes thought to be more helpful for possible later changes.  
> Sometimes they do things like alerting other objects of changes. When  
> there's no behavior above and beyond simple setting, from inside the  
> same object, their use is largely a matter of personal style.
> I haven't read through the whole tutorial, but perhaps the exitSides:  
> method is defined elsewhere. In any case, I'd guess that you are  
> correct and it is trying to do an assignment, although it may also  
> need to do other things.
> Hope this helps,
> Benjamin Schroeder
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