[Newbies] Dead keys on Ubuntu

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gulik.co.nz
Sun Jul 22 04:04:20 UTC 2007

Fahr Jahrel wrote:
> Hello, all--
> I've been trying unsuccessfully for some hours to make my Squeak image
> accept diacritical characters under Ubuntu 7.04. I've tried all
> possible combinations of the -textenc, -encoding, and LC_CTYPE options
> I could but none worked. The diacritical characters either don't
> display or display incorrectly.
> Ironically, if I run Squeak via Wine, the diacritical characters
> display correctly.
> Any help pointing me to the right direction would be appreciated.
> My system configuration today is:
> Distro: Ubuntu 7.04
> Squeak:
> 3.9-8 #5 Tue Oct 10 11:56:09 PDT 2006 gcc 4.0.3
> Squeak3.9alpha of 4 July 2005 [latest update: #7021]
> Linux ubuntu 2.6.15-27-386 #1 PREEMPT Sat Sep 16 01:51:59 UTC 2006
> i686 GNU/Linux
> default plugin location: /usr/local/lib/squeak/3.9-8/*.so
> Image:
> Tried with the vanilla 7067 image, the lasted squeak-dev image, and
> even Ramon Leon's image. :-)
Hi Fahr.

I'm using Ubuntu 7.04, and I tried the international characters using
3.9-7067. I set my keyboard to be "US English International (with dead
keys)" (änd ít séëms tø wórk). I learned something new today - I've
never played with international characters in Linux before.

It worked mostly okay. The dead keys didn't work, but I could use the
right-alt key to type in some pretty cool characters. The characters
displayed fine.

Try using a different font (appearance -> system fonts). I'm no expert
on this, but from what I know, Squeak can either use itś built-in font
renderers or use the freetype library, and not all fonts have all
characters in them.

Otherwise could you be more specific about what is happening? Are you
having trouble typing in the characters, or are they being displayed
incorrectly? Can you cut and paste international characters into Squeak


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