[Newbies] Re: Proper fractions?

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Thu Jul 26 21:17:48 UTC 2007

Can the system come pre-programmed with every possible wish of every 
client for every domain?

Propose your extensions, if use is sufficiently wide, they can 
eventually be adopted in an official image.

I'm not sure this one will. It makes sense to you because the fraction 
denominator is small, a rather ideal case (the quotations case i guess) 
which does have full generallity.

Could you tell me what is 3 (39854788871587/281474976710656)?

We have plenty over ways to write fractions (continuous fraction 
expansion would be one) depending on the domain we are operating...
Beside, since integerPart and fractionPart exists, extending is cheap.


Blake a écrit :
> Hey, guys:
>     Any way to make the fraction class print itself out with its integer 
> part separate from its fractional part. In other words, if I have
> 4/3
> (an "improper" fraction) can I make it print out as:
> 1 1/3
> ? I mean, I know I can write a routine that does this but it seemed odd 
> to me that one doesn't exist.
>     (And who came up with that whole "improper" terminology? Some guys 
> with small numerators, I'd bet....)
>     ===Blake===

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