[Newbies] Proper fractions?

Conrad Taylor conradwt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 05:43:18 UTC 2007

Hi, I don't know why you say that is odd because this doesn't exist in the
core of Java, C++, and C to name a few.  Also, if you need to redefine
things within your image, it's very easy to do so and I agree with the
responses of both Nicolas and Bert.  In short, this and other Smalltalk
environment provide a solid framework of classes for one to easily extend.
Good luck,


On 7/25/07, Blake <blake at kingdomrpg.com> wrote:
> Hey, guys:
>         Any way to make the fraction class print itself out with its
> integer part
> separate from its fractional part. In other words, if I have
> 4/3
> (an "improper" fraction) can I make it print out as:
> 1 1/3
> ? I mean, I know I can write a routine that does this but it seemed odd to
> me that one doesn't exist.
>         (And who came up with that whole "improper" terminology? Some guys
> with
> small numerators, I'd bet....)
>         ===Blake===
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