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Liliana liliana at finworks.biz
Mon Jun 4 08:15:23 UTC 2007



We have an Intel dual core 64 bit server where we installed Ubuntu 7.04

We are all new in Squeak/Smalltalk; but we managed to develop a small
Seaside app in Squeak (on Windows XP) using Squeak 3.9 and Seaside 2.7

We would now like to install this image on the linux server and run seaside
there, under Apache.

I read quite a few of posts and Ramon Leon's blog on how to get a
squeak/seaside headless vm working on Linux; but we are all but confused;
and didn't manage to get anywhere.


1.       Do we need x-windows, or not (we will not do development on the
linux server)?

2.       Is there a squeak vm we can download  or do we have to build from
source for Intel dual-core? ( we tried both versions and neither works)

The debian packages at:

 http://ftp.squeak.org/debian/ stable main

don't seem to work for linux running on intel dual core and we downloaded
Squeak-3.9-8.i686-pc-linux-gnu.tar.tar from http://www.squeakvm.org/unix/


With this last one installed we get the error: 

"could not find module vm-display-X11"

When we run:

squeak -headless groupinvestment.image

(where groupinvestment.image is our Windows build image containing seaside
and our web site)


And when we run:

squeak -nodisplay groupinvestment.image

we get:

Segmentation fault


45396408 SmalltalkImage>snapshot:andQuit:embedded:

45396316 SmalltalkImage>snapshot:andQuit:

45396224 SmalltalkImage>saveSession

45396040 TheWorldMenu>doMenuItem:with:

45395948 [] in MenuItemMorph>invokeWithEvent:

45395856 BlockContext>ensure:

45395764 Cursor>showWhile:

45395552 MenuItemMorph>invokeWithEvent:

45395460 MenuItemMorph>mouseUp:

45395368 MenuItemMorph>handleMouseUp:

45395236 MouseButtonEvent>sentTo:

45395144 Morph>handleEvent:

45395052 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchDefault:with:

45394960 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchEvent:with:

45394868 Morph>processEvent:using:

45394776 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchDefault:with:

45394668 MorphicEventDispatcher>dispatchEvent:with:

45394536 Morph>processEvent:using:

45394444 Morph>processEvent:

45394352 MenuMorph>handleFocusEvent:

45394076 [] in HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:

45394168 [] in PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring:

45393984 BlockContext>on:do:

45393892 PasteUpMorph>becomeActiveDuring:

45393708 HandMorph>sendFocusEvent:to:clear:

45393616 HandMorph>sendEvent:focus:clear:

45393524 HandMorph>sendMouseEvent:

45393380 HandMorph>handleEvent:

45393072 HandMorph>processEvents

45393164 [] in WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor:

45392980 SequenceableCollection>do:

45392888 WorldState>handsDo:

45392796 WorldState>doOneCycleNowFor:

45392704 WorldState>doOneCycleFor:

45392612 PasteUpMorph>doOneCycle

34840512 [] in >spawnNewProcess

34840696 [] in BlockContext>newProcess




Thank you for any help you could give us


Liliana Ivan

liliana at finwork.biz

012 663 3140

Finworks <http://www.finworks.biz/> 


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