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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Tue Jun 5 12:45:54 UTC 2007

El 6/5/07 9:20 AM, "Dietmar Schielke" <Dietmar.Schielke at>

> Thank for your links. I'll try to dig further into it.
> A first look into SwitchMorph raises a first question in me:
> When you call addDependent: should'nt be there a corresponding
> removeDependent: in the code?
> Maybe connection: should first call removeDependent: for the old connection
> before setting a new connection?
> Further, then I delete a SwitchMorph maybe  it should also disconnect from
> its's connections?
At the time I have 
        do: [:each |
            each isConnectionSet
                ifTrue: [each notifyRemoveMe].
            each color: Color yellow]

And I raise this with yellow click on the choosed Morph.

here how to have your own colored menu !!!

addMenuItemsTo: aMenu hand: aHandMorph
    | menu |
    menu := MenuMorph new.
    menu color: Color blue.
        color: (menu color alpha: 0.3).
        add: 'descablear '
        target: self
        action: #descablear.
    menu items
        do: [:i | i color: Color yellow;
                font: (StrikeFont
                        familyName: 'Comic Bold'
                        size: 18
                        emphasized: 1)].
    menu invokeModal

Maybe today I do all different ....

As said, I have many different versions for you cook your own ideas.


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