[Newbies] web based game development in squeak

Blake blake at kingdomrpg.com
Sun Jun 10 18:08:22 UTC 2007

> Otherwise, I'd get a javascript book and start figuring out how to work  
> in that.  There is no shortcut there and you will be testing/running  
> entirely in the browser.

Unless you're in a time-warp, developing games out of Ahl's Basic Computer  
Games[1], Javascript is not going to cut it. Javascript isn't even usable  
for graphics/real-time games of that era. At least, when I've googled  
Javascript games, I've never found one that could do a decent Space  

Your real choices are Java[3] and Flash. And some people won't do Java  
while others won't do Flash. (But then, some people turn off Javascript).  
If you're not absolutely opposed to downloads, Squeak would work pretty  
well and I've seen a TCL plug-in that's kind of cool. Also Silverlight is  
allegedly coming, though it's in pre-pre-pre-Alpha (so Microsoft is at the  
"it'll do everything our competitor's products will do and more" phase,  
soon to be replaced by the "you'll use it and like it OR ELSE" phase).

It's actually a pretty dismal situation.


[1] http://www.atariarchives.org/basicgames/
[2] http://www.treblig.org/si/spaceiv.html
    This is the best one I've seen, and it's notable for actually  
=working=, and it has a whole bunch of caveats based on browser.
[3] Though, at least, it's not absolutely necessary that you use the Java  
language anymore.

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