[Newbies] web based game development in squeak

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Mon Jun 11 18:06:30 UTC 2007

> Unless you're in a time-warp, developing games out of Ahl's 
> Basic Computer Games[1], Javascript is not going to cut it. 
> Javascript isn't even usable for graphics/real-time games of 
> that era. At least, when I've googled Javascript games, I've 
> never found one that could do a decent Space Invaders[2].
> Your real choices are Java[3] and Flash. And some people 
> won't do Java while others won't do Flash. (But then, some 
> people turn off Javascript).  
> If you're not absolutely opposed to downloads, Squeak would 
> work pretty well and I've seen a TCL plug-in that's kind of 
> cool. Also Silverlight is allegedly coming, though it's in 
> pre-pre-pre-Alpha (so Microsoft is at the "it'll do 
> everything our competitor's products will do and more" phase, 
> soon to be replaced by the "you'll use it and like it OR ELSE" phase).
> It's actually a pretty dismal situation.
> 	===Blake===

Doom in javascript...


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