[Newbies] Better editor components?

Tim Johnson trilobyte at hoe.nu
Tue Jun 12 18:43:32 UTC 2007

> I've been playing around with SeaSide tutorials, using the class browser
> and
> the workspace - is this the right way to do things? The text editing there
> is pretty sucky for a man used to xemacs, so I ask: is there a better
> "application" for editing code, or can I get hold of a better generic
> editor
> component that can be dropped in to replace the one the browser and
> workspace are using?

The editors within the Squeak environment are a lot more advanced than any
in a web browser's text editing form... if you have access to the image
that hosts your Seaside setup, you might be better served adding and
editing methods in the Squeak environment itself.


They are very much the same but a lot more advanced.

(Of course, that means getting familiar with the Squeak environment, if
you are not already.  That can be a beast in itself, but it's such a
rewarding battle...)


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