[Newbies] Better editor components?

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 12:58:37 UTC 2007

>> About the only issue I've found is that tab won't indent selected
>> lines - it just replaces them with a tab.
> Correct -- this is the same as in *any* wysiwig editor, because tab  
> is an actual text character that resides in the body of text, rather  
> than a meta-directive to an editor.

Actually, Microsoft Word does indent/outdent if you have multiple lines 
selected on Tab. Actually, just checked and it does it if you are at the 
beginning of a line as well. Not saying that Word is the *only* WYSIWYG 
editor, but it is certainly one of many and might be considered the de 
facto standard.

I used to be a technical writer and even when doing long documents in 
FrameMaker, Ventura Publisher, etc. I never had a single 'Tab' character 
anywhere in the text flow of my documents. All indents, hangs, etc. were 
done with styles. Tables were done with... tables.

Tabs as characters aren't all that useful for professional type layout. 
Programmers seem split 50/50 if they want tabs/spaces.

At the very least, a strategy for code editing v. text editing would be 

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