[Newbies] Omnibrowser, italic Traits' method names

Juraj Kubelka Juraj.Kubelka at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 22:44:05 UTC 2007

Hi Robert,

thank you a lot.  I will think about better handling of those  
methods.  It is possible to use TextEmphasis>>bold now but  
TextColor>>green attribute doesn't work.

Best regards,

On 23.6.2007, at 22:05, Robert Krahn wrote:

> Hello Juraj
> If you replace String with Text in  
> OBClassSortFilter>>displayString:forParent:child: everything works  
> fine. But thats quite dirty. I think something general should be  
> changed with the handling of those displayString methods. On the  
> one hand sometimes Text-objects are used (and needed for the  
> attributes). On the other hand the variables which refer to those  
> objects are named aString and sometimes they are Strings.
> Best, Robert
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