[Newbies] SampleCode-ImageViewer

Michael Davies mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 15:35:27 UTC 2007

(re-sent as my original didn't get through)

Hi Wade, Edgar,

I wrote that sample application, so I'm sorry you had problems getting
it working. As you worked out, it's fussy about the (number, and case
of) file extensions it recognises. I've fixed those issues and uploaded a
new version, as I'm sure that this will have caused other people
problems too.

Edgar - you mentioned that you'd have done things differently. I
started writing a more complex application, but realised that image
handling on my Mac wasn't very fast, so I stripped the application
back down, but thought it was useful to document what I'd produced as
I had a lot of trouble getting to a core SystemWindow-based
application. Are you saying that (i) using SystemWindow is not the
approach you'd have taken, or (ii) that's not how you'd have implemented a
SystemWindow-based application? (or both!).

I'd appreciate any comments you have, and may add them to the
application as warnings to anyone who picks it up in future.


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