[Newbies] Squeak in commercial projects

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Mar 6 21:14:05 UTC 2007

You could buy impara's Plopp (made in Squeak), and if you find it  
secure enough, contact them for how they did it:


- Bert -

On Mar 6, 2007, at 21:10 , Jens Pall wrote:

> Ron Teitelbaum wrote:
>> Hi JP,
>> This is not an easy question.  There are a number of things that  
>> you need to
>> consider.  First you need to decide how secure the update needs to  
>> be.  If
>> you are not worried about security then you have a much easier job  
>> and many
>> more options.  In general Squeak is not secure, but it is also not  
>> less
>> secure then many other tools that are sent to end users.
>> So first answer some questions.
>> Is your system likely to be used by people that are interested in  
>> cracking
>> the system?
> Some of the end-users might try this but most of them will not.  
> They just want a system that works and does its job. We are working  
> with partners who are distributing our software and I know that  
> some of them will try to open up the software, modify it and, in  
> some cases, try to sell it as their own if it is easy to get at the  
> source. If the source is not available and it is a bit hard to get  
> access to the developing interface then I believe this risk is  
> greatly reduced.
>> Does your system have access to network facilities that attach to  
>> other
>> installations of your system?
> Yes. This is a distributed networked application. It lives and  
> breathes on the network.
>> Are you concerned that someone might try to build a patch and  
>> upload that
>> code to your system installations?  (i.e. spyware, worms, viruses)
> Well, not really. Our installations mainly run on private WAN  
> networks owned by the customer but you never know what malicious  
> internal users might do. We plan on being able to run this over the  
> Internet where this is a major concern but will try to limit it by  
> using secure network connections.
>> Are you trying to prevent users from using features of your system  
>> without
>> authorization?  (i.e. Try before you buy?)
> Yes. We must be able to issue licenses for using features of the  
> system.
>> There are no easy answers but I do believe it is a very interesting
>> discussion.
> It indeed is and one that needs to be addressed if Squeak is to be  
> seriously considered as a commercial vehicle. It has huge potential  
> in that area if the proper hooks are in place.
> As a side note I might mention that our current system is  
> implemented in C++ and, if it turns out to be possible with respect  
> to the topic of this thread, we are seriously considering porting  
> it to Squeak. Croquet will also play a major role as the  
> monitoring / management tool.
>> Ron Teitelbaum
>> President / Principal Software Engineer
>> US Medical Record Specialists
>> www.usmedrec.com Squeak Cryptography Team Leader
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>>> Hi
>>> How can I use Squeak in a commercial closed source project (whole  
>>> image)?
>>> How about upgrades? I want to be able to send an upgrade to the  
>>> customer
>>> which only contains the changed code.
>>> Thanks,
>>> JP

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