[Newbies] Re: Squeak - for a different Summer of Code!

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Fri Mar 16 14:01:44 UTC 2007

Il giorno ven, 16/03/2007 alle 09.12 +0100, Serge Stinckwich ha scritto:
> Giovanni Corriga a écrit :

> Is the list of SOC projects close ? I would to propose to work on a 
> better multilingual support for Squeak. At the moment, it's difficult to 
> translate the Squeak interface, because there is several Squeak image 
> (Squeakland, 3.9, OLPC, ...). I think we could improve Yoshiki's work in 
> order to have a central repository for the translations (maybe something 
> like Rosetta : https://launchpad.net/rosetta) and a more modular 
> approach in order to attach messages catalog to packages and not to the 
> whole image.

I think that as long as we don't remove the other proposals, we can add
as many project as we want. Serge, are you willing to mentor for it? If
so, please send me a message, so that I can add you to the mailing lists


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