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Tue Mar 20 14:36:24 UTC 2007

El 3/19/07 7:06 PM, "pascal.vollmer at" <pascal.vollmer at>

>  Hi,
> thanks a lot. I removed the EToy-stuff and everything is ok now.
> May I ask a non-technical question: I give Squeak-lessons for 12-15 years old
> children for 6 months now. At a certain stage I found it very helpful to be
> able to switch forth and back from EToys to Squeak. EToys for rapid prototypes
> and fun, Squeak for elaborated solutions. Is there a plan to re-integrate
> EToys to the successor Squeak 3.10 ?
> Kind regards
> Pascal Vollmer
3.10 at this time have Etoys.
But my plans is have the unload/load ready before the end of release.
By the way, the Etoys development is on OLPC image what is 3.8 based.
But for 12-15 years tons of simple games could be made with Morphs.
And simple simulations.
You could email direct for I could help or give the girls and boys the
chance of far , far away collaboration.



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