[Newbies] Re: Connectors

Luke Gorrie luke.gorrie at synap.se
Sun Mar 25 05:47:46 UTC 2007

Matthew Fulmer <tapplek at gmail.com> writes:

> The only documentation I know of for connectors in Ned's
> tutorial, ported to pbwiki:
> http://squeak.pbwiki.com/Connector%20Tutorial

This is excellent for understanding the direct-manipulation side of
things. I would like to understand the programming side better.

I'd be very interested to read Ned's paper:
  Connectors - A Framework for Building Graphical Applications in Squeak
from the proceedings of the C5 conference 2004. I recall that it
looked unreasonably expensive to buy from IEEE and the page holding
the abstract & purchasing information seems to be offline currently
too. I mailed him a ways back but haven't heard anything so perhaps
he's very busy.

I would also be very interested to read about applications /
simulations that have been written with Connectors.

I'm a newbie so for now I'm trying to figure out simple things like
how to traverse a graph of connectors starting from a connected morph.

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