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nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Thu May 3 20:46:12 UTC 2007

Sounds good.
Depends how you define better. Faster code or shorter code?
Maybe also add an optimistic rule first to fast up the false case:

(polygonB bounds containsRect: polygonA bounds) ifFalse: [^false].

Of course, we can build degenerated examples which are hard to decide.
To handle these, you also have to write better code.

For example, beware of the case when a segment of A crosses a vertex of 
B. If inexact arithmetic is used, you can miss an intersection.

Same apply for the second rule: case when a vertex of A lie on a segment 
of B.

Take square A rotated by 45° and magnify by a factor (2 sqrt) to make 
sqaure B. A will fit into B, with each vertex of A lying on a segment of B.

We can build more tricky cases where some edge of A and B are 
super-imposed, in part or whole...


S Hangal a écrit :
> Thanks, Jerome - have filed the issue in Mantis.
> I'm looking for the easiest way to figure out if polygon A is contained 
> inside polygon B.
> One way to do this is by checking if polygon A intersects any segments of B
> and any one of A's vertices lies inside B.
> is there a better way ?
> Thanks,
> -sgh
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>     PolygonMorph intersection
>     Hi Sudheendra Hangal,
>     You have actually found a very good bug.
>     In investigating I found that the method for Polygon
>     did not exist in 3.8.
>     The author of the version in 3.9 is
>     nk 4/27/2003 16:15 PolygonMorph intersects: {geometry}
>     nk is Ned Konz who created the connector package.
>     In building the 3.9 release the release team added
>     pieces of the the Connectors package.
>     And while they did as best they could they missed a
>     piece.
>     The PolygonMorph>>intersects: methods calls  super
>     intersects: . None of the classes above PolygonMorph
>     defines the intersects: method. Thus the error
>     message.
>     Simply finding the bug make you a winner in what I
>     call the Game of Mantis.
>     see:
>     http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5915
>     Game of Mantis
>     The best place for this info would be to start a
>     Mantis report.
>     (You can get a mantis acct freely and easily).
>     A good place to start is:
>     http://bugs.squeak.org/my_view_page.php
>     Mantis provides a patient persistent way to focus on
>     an issue.
>     I use it to accumulate data on a problem until a
>     solution can be found.
>     It provides a place to:
>     *       alert the community to a problem;
>     *       accumulate facts and clues from the analysis;
>     *       publish preposed solutions and get feedback;
>     *       get solutions harvested and included into the main
>     stream.
>     The above is from:
>     http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5912
>     Mantis FAQ and Tips
>     Again thanks for your sharp eyes and easy to follow
>     recipe for the bug.
>     Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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