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Rob Van Pamel rob.vanpamel at telenet.be
Fri May 4 13:23:02 UTC 2007


Thanks you. The FileDirectory slash did it! Thanks a lot. But I was
searching also to shrink my image. To set my height and width by extent but
it doesn't work... 


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> Yes i've tried that but he tells me the following
> 	subdir#test.jpg does not exist.
> I've checked the case sensitivity from the folder but it is exactly the
> same. Do i have to escape the / sign? Because he looks in
> "subdir#test.jpg"
> I am working on a Windows Xp PC

Try using \ (win32 separator) instead of / (unix separator) or even better:

(Form fromFileNamed: 'subdir', FileDirectory slash, 'swiki.gif') asMorph

regards, Göran

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