[Newbies] Re: Setting Breakpoints to Read Code

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun May 6 06:36:46 UTC 2007

Hello Aditya,

AS> Thanks for your input. However, I am trying to get handle on Seaside with
AS> lots of methods and a confusing (at least for me since I have no experience
AS> with web frameworks) control flow. I would like to run one of the examples
AS> and see what method is being interpreted at each step. Is there a way I can
AS> add breakpoints to all the methods in a certain package?

you just need one breakpoint at top level and with the debugger you
can step into every method you find interesting. If you want to follow
the iterations of a loop you need the "trough" button.

If you want static control flow, get the Tracing Messages Browser from
SqueakMap. Using senders and implementors there will give you an
indented list of the calls.

I guess your original wish would be doable as Squeak is very good in
meta programming but imho you'll only clutter up your screen with

I have no knowledge about Seaside myself, so I can't tell you where to
put the top level breakpoint.

If my suggestions prove impractical (Seaside might use many parallel
processes) try asking again with a new subject.

And I don't think the inner workings of seaside belong to "the most
basic questions about Squeak", so maybe try Squeak-dev or the seaside
mailing list.

Please find the lists at:


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