[Newbies] [Q] A really silly question

Rob Van Pamel rob.vanpamel at telenet.be
Thu May 10 17:43:21 UTC 2007

This is because of the Architecture of Smalltalk ...

It is always so in Smalltalk that you send an message to an object .. 
When you do the following 

b := 0 - a.

You send the message '-' to the object 0. The parameter of the message is A.

These are called binary messages. 
When you have 

b := - a

You don't have an object where you send your message to.
Again like I said before when you do a negated you send the message negated
to the object a. I hope you understand it if you don't ask again and I'll
try to explain better 


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Onderwerp: Re: [Newbies] [Q] A really silly question

El 5/10/07 2:22 PM, "Rob Van Pamel" <rob.vanpamel at telenet.be> escribió:

> To get the negative of a value use
> a negated.
> Greetz 
>   Rob 

Yes, I know that.
What I ask is why you could't do b := - a.

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