[Newbies] more Squeak exploring and Dolphin, Magma, Omnibase

subbukk subbukk at gmail.com
Sun May 20 16:57:30 UTC 2007

On Sunday 20 May 2007 9:25 pm, Mike Stramba wrote:
> Hi Subbu,
> I'm plowing along in the Smalltalk / Squeak .. and now Dolphin jungle :)
> http://www.object-arts.com/content/navigation/products/dce.html
> If you haven't heard of it, they have a really nice free version with very
> good DOCUMENTATION, that I've been using along with Squeak to try to get up
> to speed.
No, I haven't used Dolphin. I do most of my work on Linux.

> I've been trying to figure out Magma and Omnibase in Squeak, as I'm trying
> to get database connectivity working.    Have you done anything with
> databases in Squeak?   I'm very frustrated with the lack of docs for both
> of those db, about to look for other ones or more info on maybe the Squeak
> mailing list.
No :-(. You could try asking in the squeak-dev mailing lists.

> ,, but the Dolphin stuff seems to be adding my "real"
> host (i.e. "internet connection" instead of localhost.   Any idea of what
> the problem might be ?
Difficult for me to say. But in your place, I would start looking at hosts 
file and see if the ipaddress and hostnames are mapped correctly. Try using 
raw ip addresses to see if the problem is in the hosts file or elsewhere.

Hope this helps .. Subbu

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