[Newbies] Simply...

Michael van der Gulik mikevdg at gulik.co.nz
Mon May 21 11:12:40 UTC 2007

> Michael van der Gulik kirjoitti 20.5.2007 kello 13.25:
>> Antero Salminen wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> dbl-click program icon and no action.
>>> in intelmac , only some VM? no ide?
>>> I have no printer, but ...
>> Hello again Antero :-).
>> What is your native language? Finnish?
>> There's a lot of documentation on http://www.squeak.org/ 
>> Documentation. Many of the books there are still valid.
>> When you start up Squeak, normally you get a few windows on your  
>> screen with information about the "image" you're using. All of  
>> Squeak can be accessed from that - including the IDE. Is this what  
>> you're seeing? Try clicking on the background.
>> Michael.
> Antero Salminen wrote: Hi,
> thanks.
> Any examples from databases. Where to dig. ?

I would use Google; use "site:wiki.squeak.org" or 
"site:lists.squeakfoundation.org" in your queries and look for the 
keywords: "Magma", "GOODS", "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "ODBC", "SQL" etc.

However, I'd learn to walk before you start running! Spend some time 
learning how to program in Squeak before trying to do complicated things 
like accessing databases.


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