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David H. Shanabrook dhshanab at acad.umass.edu
Mon May 21 17:14:48 UTC 2007

> On May 20, 2007, at 3:01 PM, David H. Shanabrook wrote:
>> I am experimenting with geometry tutors, such as pentominos.  when
>> trying to fit shapes precisely together the shadow is very
>> disturbing, it is hard to know what is the shadow and what is the
>> shape, especially for kids.
> When I want to remove the drag-shadow from Morphs, I often use
> something like the following methods (implemented on my Morph  
> subclass):
> ...
> Of course I'm sure there must be some flag that does the same
> thing! ;) If I am writing a system with many Morphs like this, I of
> course put all of this code in a superclass to avoid clutter.
> Hope this helps,
> Benjamin Schroeder
> You could take the same tack in Squeak. For instance, open a  
> Workspace and
> drill down using halos till you get to the smallest part. Drag it to a
> different place. Repeat for all the parts. Then 'inspect/explore/ 
> browse' each
> part to see how it was put together. You could also try tracing code
> execution using "debug it" to pick up programming idioms. Use  
> 'explain' to
> find out more about new words/terms. Debug through ClickExerciser  
> object to
> see how it handles mouse clicks.
> Enjoy .. Subbu

I found if I just change the value of HandMorph dropShadows  
shadowOffset from 6 at 8 to 0 at 0 this eliminates the drop shadows.  For  
morphs with opacity less than 1.0 the morph turns opaque when clicked  
on; which helps with noticing the object is picked.

Would this be a variable which could be set in Preferences?  I think  
others must also find drop shadows make positioning morphs difficult  
in some circumstances.



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