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Darren White bobblebob at gmail.com
Wed May 23 14:37:08 UTC 2007

Hello, Thanks fro the replies.

I think my first question was a little fuzzy. I think what I need to do as
change the question.

If for example I have a seaside web app and users need to create an account.
Now, for each user I create an object, say an instance of class Users, which
has instance variables such as name and address. So the new user puts in
their detail such as name, address, telephone number and then click
register. How should (not what) the system name this object. What I'm
confused about is I don't know how may users the system will have have do I
name all the user object; I can't call them all aUser . If the first user
gets an object named user1 how do I create another instance of User named
user2 or What about If I want to use one of the input field as part of the
name of the object?

The example below may make it clear what I mean

10 timesRepeat: [
x := 1 asString.
''the value of x can be any string object"
user"how do I add x to be part off the name so I end up with variable named
user1 user2 ... " := User new.
x := x + x.]

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