[Newbies] Re: Tracing back objects

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at cobss.com
Fri May 25 11:32:59 UTC 2007

On Fri, 25 May 2007 12:18:38 +0200, subbukk wrote:

> Hi,
> The following code:
>  CompiledMethod allInstances inject: (CompiledMethod allInstances first)  
> into:
> [:m :i | i size > m size ifTrue: [i] ifFalse: [m]].
> gives the largest method as an object. Is there an efficient way to  
> trace back
> the method selector and its class without doing a brute force lookup?

On pre-traits images you'd need (aMethod who) but from 3.9 on #who is  
deprecated. If you're on 3.9 the comment in #who tells the fast way.


> TIA .. Subbu

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