[Newbies] Smalltalk & Javascript

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at USMedRec.com
Sun Nov 4 13:39:38 UTC 2007

Hi Ikem,

I believe you are looking for Seaside.  Seaside supports Ajax.  Have a look
at www.seaside.st .  You get all the JavaScript you want plus more!  

Hmm, I was just reading your email more carefully.  So to be clear this
would give you the ability to use an external browser to access a Squeak
Server running Seaside.  That browser can then access squeak, render
widgets, windows, google maps...  

You can "embed" an external browser into squeak by using a RFB window
running in Squeak, but this only gives you VNC like capabilities (which
means you need to have a browser running on a server for each connection).  

There is also Dan's work which allows you to run squeak in JavaScript:

but again this may be opposite of what you are asking.  If indeed you need
to control Google maps on a widget in Squeak you might have to write the
conversation yourself.  

Oh and I found this, but I've never used it so your mileage may vary.

Happy Coding!

Ron Teitelbaum
President / Principal Software Engineer
US Medical Record Specialists

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> Hi all ;-)
> I'm pretty new to Squeak, and am just trying to assess what I can do.
> I know there's a web browser for Squeak, but I was wondering if there
> is any way to handle Javascript in this environment at all? It seems
> not... is there a reason for that? I would love to run GoogleMaps from
> within the Squeak environment. If it is not implemented, what would it
> take to get it done?
> Cheers,
> ikem.star
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