[Newbies] Linux and Squeak server help

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Nov 5 14:49:06 UTC 2007


Still this old donkey could't figure how to have Squeak as server on Linux.
I try all people send on general list, the last of Giovanni Corriga on
TCPListener, but no luck.

I could do all in the Linux box, transfer files to this to Mac or Windows
and reverse.

But as I said , if I have Squeak running on Linux and any of the others, tcp
comunication is one direction only, from Linux to others and no from others
to Linux.

And any Squeak running TCPListener, swikis, HV2, etc, only work with
Konqueror or Firefox in the Linux bos, but can't be reached from outside.

What I doing wrong ?

Very thanks


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