[Newbies] Linux and Squeak server help

johnps11 at bigpond.com johnps11 at bigpond.com
Tue Nov 6 19:26:07 UTC 2007

Gday Edgar,

What distribution (i.e. Redhat, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu etc) and version
(hamm, buzz, Hoary Hedghog, 7 etc) are you running?  That information will
probably allow us to help you.



> People:
> Still this old donkey could't figure how to have Squeak as server on
> Linux.
> I try all people send on general list, the last of Giovanni Corriga on
> TCPListener, but no luck.
> I could do all in the Linux box, transfer files to this to Mac or Windows
> and reverse.
> But as I said , if I have Squeak running on Linux and any of the others,
> tcp
> comunication is one direction only, from Linux to others and no from
> others
> to Linux.
> And any Squeak running TCPListener, swikis, HV2, etc, only work with
> Konqueror or Firefox in the Linux bos, but can't be reached from outside.
> What I doing wrong ?
> Very thanks
> Edgar
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