[Newbies] Magma tutorial or examples

ina tube innertube at doramail.com
Tue Nov 27 18:29:45 UTC 2007

I recently loaded Magma into my image to play around with, following the Getting Started Guide at:


I looked around for some more documentation or code examples but was not able to find any.  Can someone point me to sample programs that illustrate how Magma is used?



PS:  There may be a few errors or ommissions in the Getting Started guide.  After creating the sample repository with,

    create: 'c:\myMagmaFolder'
    root: Dictionary new

the guide explains that in single user mode, one can use the new obejct store by executing

  myMagmaSession := MagmaSession openLocal: 'c:\myMagmaFolder\myRepository.magma'.
  myMagmaSession connectAs: 'chris'

I got a traceback when I tried the above.  I got it working only after trying

  myMagmaSession := MagmaSession openLocal: 'c:\myMagmaFolder'.
  myMagmaSession connectAs: 'chris'

Ie, the MagmaSession class>>openLocal: method takes a directory name rather than a particular '.magma' element. 

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