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Thanks!  This is very helpful.


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> Download one of the Gjallar distros. There is one for windows with the
> VM. If you're on something else, get your VM for your platform and
> download the image.
> It starts up and has scripts for building the Magma database.
> If you are looking for examples of how the app interacts with Magma,
> look at Q2Session.
> Q2MockMagma session is also interesting as it shows all of the
> messages that are stubbed out to _not_ connect to Magma.
> OODBs in general and Magma in particular are pretty transparent, so
> you don't see a lot of Magma code throughout the application.
> Another example would be the work going into a magma tutorial for the
> seaside tutorial:
> http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/magma/2007-November/000899.html

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