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Wed Oct 3 16:01:34 UTC 2007


On 10/2/07, Mark Smithfield <m_smithfield at yahoo.com> wrote:
> As I read code in Squeak, I discover method names that
> I do not
> know. How do you find these methods if you don't know
> the type of
> the receiver?

If you are asking how to find out what a method does from the code, the
easiest way is to place the cursor over the method (just a part of it) and
press alt+m (on windows, or maybe ctl+m, or on a Mac, cmd+m).  This should
bring up the implementors of the method, and you can browse through all of
the implementors and look at the code.  If that still doesn't make sense,
you can ask about the method here and others will nicely explain it to you
(like Ron did).

>> In the floor method from Number,
>>     truncation _ self truncated.
>> What does the underscore mean?
>In some images it shows up as a left-pointing arrow.
>I'm not sure if that's coming back in later iterations or not.

The underscore is an assignment.  If you have picked the right font, you
won't see underscores in the code, but rather a left-pointing arrow.  I
believe these fonts are still in the current versions of Squeak - but they
just arent the default in some (most?) of the distributions.  So, if you
change the font (or modify the font yourself - I haven't done that, but it
is doable), then you can currently get back the left-pointing arrow.

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